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Sniper Animal Hunting Challenge 2019

17 Jun 2019 Game Of The Day

Sniper Animal Hunting Challenge 2019

by Kooky Games

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  • Sniper Animal Hunting Challenge 2019
  • Sniper Animal Hunting Challenge 2019
  • Sniper Animal Hunting Challenge 2019

Play the most thrilling animal hunting gun shot game with sniper games 3d. With sniper animal shooting mission 3d games new, be an ultimate jungle animal sniper hunter and play animal sniper 3d gun shooter 3d game. Get and shoot all the angry animals before they hurt any of the citizens in big 3d city. This real animal hunting games 2018 and 2019 contains a lot of epic wild animals which are running around in the big 3D city and attacking on the innocent citizens. As a sniper 3d gun shooter animal hunter mission 3d games new player it’s your prime duty to save people by hunting these wild animals with your sniper gun. Take your rifle or shot gun set your targeted animal and hunt with Sniper: Animal Hunting Challenge 2018! Hunting 3D challenge is the latest thrilling shooting game where you have to play the role of a stealth huntsman. Beware of your surroundings and hunt properly. Watch out for the beasts of the zoo that are out to hunt people or you. Shoot any wild animal on sight! Do not give it an opportunity to attack you as it might be the last thing you do. It is time to load out your weapons as super hunter.

Animal hunting games 2018 have never been this much fun so take your chance and plays it now! If you feel like you want to play sniper shooter mission 3d games new. So can you get your shots before the angry animals runs out or hurting citizens? Your core duty as sniper hunting games 2018 trouper is to protect citizens with your variety of guns in tons of realistic animal hunting missions. Spot your prey, tap on screen to zoom the target and then shoot and go for the kill the wild animals in animal hunting gun shot game with sniper games 3d. So are you ready to be a jungle animal sniper hunter? New animal hunting games 2018 will surely amuse you.

These angry and wild animals run away from zoo to the 3d urban city and watching human first time in their lives so take the aim & shoot at them before they hurt the citizens in animal hunting games 2018. In animal sniper gun shooter 3d game with the blend of animal hunting gun shot! This animal hunter game tests your temper, courage and how wisely you are in accepting the challenge of sniper games 3d. Sniper: Animal Hunting Challenge 2018 is the most addictive animal hunting game with kooky animal hunting games and kooky fantasy jungle games.

FEATURES OF Sniper: Animal Hunting Challenge 2018:

- Various wild animals to hunt and become a real animal hunter.
- Several animal hunting missions available for hours of mobile game fun. 
- You can use zoom by tapping screen with shooting buttons to hit.
- Realistic wild animals and sniper hunting games 2018 animations.
- Dozens of real world weapons and upgrades.

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