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Snow Tiger Family

Snow Tiger Family

by Trillion Games

  • Snow Tiger Family
  • Snow Tiger Family
  • Snow Tiger Family
  • Snow Tiger Family

Welcome to the life of jungle in Snow Tiger Family game, explore the jungle biome and find meat to live the life of white tiger. This ultimate White tiger game contains the jungle family game play for all age group who loves jungle quest games. Awesome snow covered mountains environment to explore, find your tiger mate in huge jungle.

Snow Tiger Family game simulates the story of white tiger who is surviving in arctic area. Survive with your family move towards the other biome. Find your home for sleep, increase your tiger clan and much more task to play. Protect your tiger clan from the other dangerous animals and take revenge from them. Find pond in huge jungle environment and drink water from it. 

Game Play:

Enjoy the most entertaining Snow Tiger Family simulation that contains the thrilling and interesting missions to play. Play the role of snow tiger and experience the wild life of jungle in this ultimate animal game. Survive in jungle and immigrate to another forest when change in environment. Find your snow tiger mate, enlarge your family white tiger breed. 

Suddenly a rock fall will fall from the mountain that covers the cave, where you are sleeping. Break the rock that are covering the cave. Find the pieces of meat in the jungle and feed your tiger clan. Search for herbs in jungle and give it to your sick white tiger baby. Complete the task with in time to unlock the other crazy levels of Snow Tiger Family game.

Snow Tiger Family Features:

• Play the role of ultimate white tiger
• Explore the huge arctic jungle and mountain area 
• Find your mate and feed your family
• Protect your family and take revenge from deadly animals 
• Amazing quest and addictive tasks to play

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