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Soap Bubble

12 Dec 2020 Game Of The Day

Soap Bubble

by soap bubble

  • Soap Bubble
  • Soap Bubble
  • Soap Bubble
  • Soap Bubble
  • Soap Bubble
  • Soap Bubble
  • Soap Bubble
  • Soap Bubble

Mobile game apps are a curious world at the moment.With the growing prevalence and usage of Smartphones, video games becoming increasingly popular day by day. Games being the most commonly used and respected app categories which attract an enormous number of users. This dedication ranges from spending a few minutes with a casual puzzle bubble to being lost for hours in an immersive storyline; mobile app users just love games.

That's what makes this mobile gaming app today the most searched bubble app.
For those tired of shooting bubbles that slowly go down in simple bubble games, this bubble game app offers numerous bubble missions with varying levels. Direct the sponge in the soap bubble and guard against germs. Your bubble pop journeys have rescue modes.

Direct your sponge to bubbles until you save it. Bubble spinner circles are in the middle of some stages of this bubble game. The purpose of the bubbles is to save the sponge from the germs.


In this soap bubble mobile game, which normally offers up coins you can use to purchase gameplay items, such as power-ups, and fireballs, you can earn a daily reward each day. You'll unlock new challenges, prizes, and an option to build or join teams in the mobile version as you play and complete levels. Joining a team will also give you free presents and bonuses. The Game App also gives you global and local information on top players and teams.

Classic Mode

A condensed version of the original Bubble game is the classic mode. You will need to match three bubbles of the same color to pop them up. Use tactics and solve puzzles to pass through the levels.

Arcade Mode

Arcade mode is a variant of the retro with fewer power-ups and boosts. Work your way through the rates as they get more challenging. Also in life, you have to enjoy the little stuff like retro games that gave us a feeling of nostalgia.


- Over 1000 levels to protect bubble from popping.
- Hand-made level design.
- Cheerful Sponge game to play with.
- Free assistance feature for the safety of the bubble.
- Two different color sponges in the bubble to switch as you like.
- Cute sponge to rescue.
- Adventure through hundreds of brilliant bubble balls.
- Power-ups such as color ball and +5 balls.
- Action-packed gameplay with different missions.
- Facebook connection to play with your Facebook friends.
- Ask and send lives through Facebook.

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