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Sort The Little Troubles

22 May 2024 Game Of The Day

Sort The Little Troubles

by creative spartans

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  • Sort The Little Troubles
  • Sort The Little Troubles
  • Sort The Little Troubles
  • Sort The Little Troubles
  • Sort The Little Troubles

Sort The Little Troubles

Unwind and challenge your mind with the sort the Little Troubles game, a captivating collection of mini-puzzles designed to soothe your soul and sharpen your skills.


Immerse yourself in a world of satisfying mini-games with simple click, tap & swipe puzzles:

• Sort, arrange, fidget, and complete oddly satisfying tasks in a collection of calming mini-games.

• Sorting for OCD: Arrange and categorize objects in a visually pleasing manner, triggering a sense of calm and order.

• Arrange in order: Put things in their rightful place, experiencing the joy of meticulous organization.

• Fidgeting: Engage in delightful, tactile activities like pop buttons, soap-cutting sliders & switches that provide a sense of playful distraction.

• Oddly Satisfying brain games: Complete tasks that are strangely captivating and visually stimulating with a bit of brain challenge.


• Endless Variety: Discover a vast library of unique mini-puzzles, ensuring endless entertainment.

• Progressive Difficulty: Gradually increase your challenge as you master each level.

• Relaxing Aesthetics: Enjoy calming ASMR visuals and soothing soundscapes that promote a sense of tranquility & relaxation with ASMR sounds.

• Brain-Teasing Fun: Exercise your cognitive skills while having fun and relieving stress.

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