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Sort the Little Troubles

10 Jul 2024 Game Of The Day

Sort the Little Troubles

by creative spartans

  • Sort the Little Troubles
  • Sort the Little Troubles
  • Sort the Little Troubles
  • Sort the Little Troubles
  • Sort the Little Troubles

Enjoy Trending games all in one with the ultimate challenges along with an addictive game play to test your reflexes, creativity and precision.
Relax Mini Puzzle Challenges: Simply complete challenges with tap, tap swipe and sliders following accurate hand to eye coordination for reflex training & satisfying brain healing ideal for ADHD and focus.
Satis Games: Unwind for an asmr life with cozy game where you satisfyingly sort the little troubles to comfort your soul, clean the mess and relax your mind in a satisfying way for the ultimate stress relief.
Destress relaxing experience: Relax with mini games with diverse antistress tasks & asmr sound effects for destressing & relieving OCD symptoms .
Find Sort Match Goods & Logic puzzles: Make things perfect, arrange items in drawers, cupboards, stationery goods by swiping a little right or left with precision for a better well organized mindset development & improvement of organizing skills

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