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Space Hell Origins

06 Sep 2018 Game Of The Day

Space Hell Origins

by Best app makerz

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  • Space Hell Origins
  • Space Hell Origins
  • Space Hell Origins
  • Space Hell Origins

Try to escape from all the enemies and bullets in different shapes and sizes. There are multiple levels of difficulty that increases over time. There are shields and nuke bombs to help you stay alive a bit longer! Sheild will appear shortly, collect to activate it. You gonna have one nuke bomb initially, and more will appear with time. Double tap during gameplay to activate the Nuke.

It is indefinite and addictive gameplay so try to survive for as long as you can. 


- Tons of Bullets
- Shield to save you from Bullet Waves
- Nuke bomb to give you a relief from all DANGERS!!
- Different planes in shape and color, suit your style.
- Three different packages at the shop for lives and nukes, purchase accordingly. 
- Unlimited challenges, totally randomized.

Have Fun and Good Luck!

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