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Space Pong – Idle Ball Ping Pong Challenge

11 Jul 2020 Game Of The Day

Space Pong – Idle Ball Ping Pong Challenge

by Brickhouse Games

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  • Space Pong – Idle Ball Ping Pong Challenge
  • Space Pong – Idle Ball Ping Pong Challenge
  • Space Pong – Idle Ball Ping Pong Challenge

Keep the ball pong inside the space circle by moving your striker as quickly as you can on the predicted point of ball pong impact.

Are you looking for a new and exciting ping pong game to play in your free time? How about polishing your physics based predictive skills and quick reflexes? Will you like to compete against friends and family members? The new idle ping ball game is designed to keep you entertained for hours. Try it now! 

🚀 Space Theme Pong Ball Game 🚀
Immerse yourself into the thrill and excitement of hyper casual ball games with the new space pong ball game. From the refreshing and stunning space theme to the smooth motion controls for player movements, the game is all about doubling up online pong gaming fun. 

🌍 Global Leaderboard Challenge 🌍
Play the space ball challenge, apply your quick reflexes and get a new high score after every level. You will get points based on the number of times you manage to keep the ping ball bouncing within the main circle. Earn points and move up the global rankings online. 

👽 3 Free Lives For Every Ping Pong Level 👽
You will be given only three chances to complete a pong ball challenge. Use the lives wisely to keep the tennis ball bouncing within the circle. You will lose a life every time the ball bounces out of the circle. You can watch a video to get 2 more lives to continue playing pong games.

📚 How to play Space Pong – Idle Ball Ping Pong Challenge 📚
➡ Download and launch the ball pong game in your device
➡ Tap on the play button to start the hyper casual ping pong game
➡ Strike the pong ball and keep it within the circle
➡ Test reflex and act quickly to position your striker for keeping tennis ball within main circle
➡ Earn pong games points for as many times as you manage to keep ball pong inside the circle

💡 Features of Space Pong – Idle Ball Ping Pong Challenge 💡
➡ Simple, intuitive and easy pong games UI/UX
➡ Highly addictive and challenging ball pong gaming levels
➡ Easy to play and hard to master hyper casual pong game
➡ Goal: Keep the pong ball within the main circle’s boundary 
➡ Win points for as many times as you manage the to keep the tennis ball inside the circle
➡ Intense and demanding ping pond game designed to test reflex in players
➡ Compare your high score at the end of every level with your friend’s/opponent’s score
➡ Three free lives given to win every level – Earn 2 more lives by watching videos
➡ Global ping pong leaderboard ranking to let you view your position 
➡ Offline and online gaming action – score rankings available online only
➡ Interactive sound effects and cool background track to keep you engaged for hours
➡ Accurate physics-based pong game to test your reflexes and skills
➡ View high score, game score and number of games played from main screen

Are you ready to play one of the most challenging yet addictive pong games available online? The new pong ball game is what you need to kill your boredom. Download and play Space Pong – Idle Ball Ping Pong Challenge today!

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