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Spider Jump

01 Dec 2017 Game Of The Day

Spider Jump

by zunair hassan

  • Spider Jump
  • Spider Jump

Help the Spider warrior collects energies (coins, stars, gems) by jumping from one gear to another, to get the highest score and combo you can get!!
The spider warrior looks like normal human but with great powers and energies, and he wants to fight the bad guys just like great hero do. Help him to collect the energies to find bad boys and destroy them.
The spider jump is an arcade/action games with simple gameplay intended for Kids. This game is an adaptation from Super Heroes Games that kids will love to play. Simply an addicting game for kids with graphic to Marvel on! This game is free!! Try to beat your own high score and be the Best! The strongest there is!! Very friendly control.

Enjoy Spider-Jump now. IT’S FREE and extremely FUNNY! TRY and You will find it unique and addictive!

Disclaimer: Spider jump is not linked with or a trademark from Marvels.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Download Spider Jump at Google Play Store

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