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Spooky Granny Horror House Game

28 Mar 2021 Game Of The Day

Spooky Granny Horror House Game

by TingBing Gaming

  • Spooky Granny Horror House Game
  • Spooky Granny Horror House Game
  • Spooky Granny Horror House Game
  • Spooky Granny Horror House Game
  • Spooky Granny Horror House Game

Welcome to the Spooky Granny Horror House Game 2019 where you will try to find out and make an escape plan from this mysterious haunted house. This evil ghostly granny game will scare you and you will feel like your heart is pounding. Be silent and sneak into all the rooms of the scary granny home. Beware from scary grandma and enjoy this horror gameplay.

Play this scary grandmaa horror escape survival game and you will definitely be addicted to this haunted game. You can’t stay there forever and have to escape the haunted house at all costs before she does something bad to you.

Granny keeps you locked in her house and there is no escape. At night a horror grandma can be seen making spooky appearances around your house. This is the mystery that you need to solve. Hide under the dining table, bed, in wardrobe and try to escape from there like a shadow in this sinister house survival game.This rich granny was in army and now shes a ghost.Police cant arrest her.There is also hidden barbie granny.

Key Features:
- Play as Virtual Boy and make a plan for escaping.
- Amazing malicious strange missions in this game.
- Find all necessary things like books and map which help you to escape.
- High-end 3D haunted gran granny house graphics. 
- Real dark night creepy Granny visual effects.

Scary granny House Escape Survival game is specially designed for horror games lovers & haunted houses games fans. If you really don’t wish to be trapped here for a lifetime then you must make an escape plan silently before evil granny trap you. Just grab your virtual boy to play with and find out the keys all around the daunting home game. You have been given some hours to accomplish these survival missions otherwise you are lifeless in this creepy house game.

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