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Spunky Friends - Infinite Portals

Spunky Friends - Infinite Portals

by Ronak Interactive

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  • Spunky Friends - Infinite Portals
  • Spunky Friends - Infinite Portals
  • Spunky Friends - Infinite Portals
  • Spunky Friends - Infinite Portals
  • Spunky Friends - Infinite Portals
  • Spunky Friends - Infinite Portals
  • Spunky Friends - Infinite Portals
  • Spunky Friends - Infinite Portals

Download and play the Spunky Friends an infinite portals game with various environments and exciting new levels.

About The Game 🎮

It's a portal game for all types of gamers and there are plenty of levels with different environments: mountain, jungle, night lake, desert, space. ✔

Two characters are already unlocked and can be selected, anyone. It's all about the right time for the user to jump the character into the portal. ✔

Without killing yourself from the monster where they might come to chasing and have to complete the level before killed by a monster. ✔

A level can have different portals and it makes it easy to understand which portal the player will come back to. For completing a level with all-stars it's vital to get all the gems and would not have to lose a life. ✔

Two characters will be going to use in the whole game: Emily and Leon are both be used at the start of the game. ✔

A player has to save itself from the monster and it will be doing regularly walking or traveling around all over the portals. ✔

Environments ⚡

Mountain, jungle, night lake, desert, and space are environments available to choose different levels from them. It would be fun to experience to various levels with all different places. ✔

Each environment or level contains some specific things which make this portal game more interesting: chains, monsters, portals, gems, ground grass, and different rewards. ✔

Some levels and environment will be available soon as the player completing previous levels with all its environments. Even, new characters will be available soon. ✔

Levels ⭐

A level will e completed when the player gets into the last portal without being a victim of the monsters, if it happens, don't worry player has 3 lives to use it and complete the level. ✔

Each environment contains 20 levels and will be added more and players have a choice to complete another when the first one has completed. ✔

Instructions ✅

In this portal game, a player needs to control the character through its fingers as they swipe the character into some direction the forces applied to jump from their exact position to a new one. ✔

However, the whole game mechanics rely on the right timing because if the player jumps on the monster, then the player will die. ✔

Hence, the prominent way to complete the level is using the brain to identify at which time the monster would not walking on the portal. Thus, these things should be analyzed before losing all the lives. ✔

Game Features 💕

- Unlimited portals
- Cool graphics and performance
- Amazing realistic sound effects
- Various environments
- Plenty of levels
- Soft body characters
- It's easy to play
- Smooth gameplay
- Anyone can play it

And, it's not an end, We are looking forward to getting feedback from all of you!

Please leave your reviews, so that we can keep improving this game even better and creating new levels and environments for you.

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Contacting us?

If there are any questions, you may contact us using the information below, we will appreciate your valuable feedback and will reply as soon as possible.



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