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Squishy Makeover 3D! Fixing Your squshies

Squishy Makeover 3D! Fixing Your squshies

by creative spartans

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  • Squishy Makeover 3D! Fixing Your squshies
  • Squishy Makeover 3D! Fixing Your squshies
  • Squishy Makeover 3D! Fixing Your squshies

Try not to say wow by downloading and playing this latest restoration of satisfying stress ball squishy makeover game in 3D for the king of random activities people! Just like you enjoy fixing your squishies in real life take this as a challenge and show your restoration skills to all around. Also try the stop motion satisfying squishy makeover ASMR game experience with broken and damaged squishy collection that you can makeover & restore into new and innovative squish toys. Also try the thrift store makeover with different kinds of thrift stores restoration & makeover. The process of recreating & restoring a damaged squishy in real life will be more fun & relaxing with this 100% realistic squishy makeover and thrift store makeover game. First enjoy unboxing your squishy package and add new squishy collection every week by updating. Be the try guys & Try different famous squish toys including bear bread squishy, donut squish, squishy bunny & squishy muffins. Show this stop motion game to teens & everyone and see how they react to this satisfying process. Time to be the try guys who love fixing things & Be the last one to leave this game and win amazing rewards.
First of all remove the dust using a satisfying cleaning process remove the dirt using dirt blower then shampoo the squish toy thoroughly from all the sides. Then clean it with the pressure washer before restoring it into its orignal look before giving it a final makeover. The process of pressure washer is oddly satisfying to perform and give you ASMR triggers, you wont be able resist not to say wow by doing it. Once cleaned & repaired, discover your inner creative artist & show your makeover skills and prove yourself to be a spray master and make it over in a new creative way. Once you have decorated the squishy its time to play with it. Trust me its better than any slime and you wont regret squishing, stretching squeezing it all day. The stress toy idle makeover will make you feel good and out of anxiety once you play with it. Overcome your frustration by squeezing, stretching poking & jiggling your squishy and take the fun to next level by cutting open squishies that you have given squishy makeover. Cutting open squishy will reveal surprise from inside. Some squishies will reveal slime squishy balloons, some will reveal small balls some will reveal floam slime smoothie, makeup slime and cloud slime. Try your luck and see what it gets for you add more and more squish toys to your squishy haul now. Be the last one to leave this game & see how teens react to this try to not say wow game! In the end dont forget ranking every squishy makeover of 2020

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