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Stick Archer

Stick Archer

by AmaGame

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Stick archers is a highly addictive classical game about stick bowman battles. Stand at the top of a hill , survey the landscape and challenge your opponent. As a bowman ,plan your shot and focus your target. Use your special abilities like shield and tripleshot to kill your opponent before he kills you in this fun archer targeting game!

A head shot inflicts the most damage while a shot in the chest takes second place.Everywhere else on the opponents body inflicts less damage.

This game is with easy control but takes a lot of fun even you are the first time playing it. To shoot your bow, just simply drag your finger across the screen and you’ll be presented with a shoot angle and strength information, then release your finger to release the arrow. 

Stick Archers features:

- Highly addictive classical archer game
- Simple control but lots of fun 
- Simple graphics, easy to understand

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