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Stickman bunker

08 May 2017 Game Of The Day

Stickman bunker

by Николай Сильный

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  • Stickman bunker
  • Stickman bunker

There came the apocalypse, 95% of the whole mankind was destroyed by viral creatures of zombies.
You, as a successful entrepreneur, were able to escape from this nightmare in your own bunker.
A few months passed and in your bunker there is little food for normal survival. Now the time has come when you must come up with a way to leave this warm bunker.
The problem is that no one knows what is behind the walls of the bunker, whether people and zombies could survive or not. Your task is to find all the best ways to escape from the bunker, while staying alive.
Beyond the walls of the bunker you are in danger, that is, a zombie. Apply smartness, turn on logic and mindfulness and then you can successfully escape from the bunker alive.
Many options for escape, both successful and unsuccessful. Fight with zombies various items and weapons. The dead must be destroyed.
Cute animation, convenient control, apocalyptic graphics will delight your mind and mind.
The game is free.

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