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Stickman Counter Final Battle

Stickman Counter Final Battle

by Lisa Jeff

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  • Stickman Counter Final Battle
  • Stickman Counter Final Battle

Stickman Counter Final Battle is new counter battle for Modern age Era where you become Stickman Fighter and battle with your rival Stickman enemies in action platform. Unlike the other terrorist’s war games, this action simulation will provide you to choose the most advance Black stickman weapons like, M16 and Short Gun, against the combat enemies. Show your shooting skills by playing this thrilling game with blasting environment. Become less bleed in war against the tactical Red Stickman terrorists and Fight like the legends.

This action Stickman Counter Final Battle is fighting game for all stickman fighting game lovers and modern counter battle games fans. You have to take a serious stand against the dangerous stickman terrorist and fight with them with the help of your Blue stickmen allies while playing this final battle game. You have to raid in the camps of Stick terrorists with your counter Stickman terrorist unit capture the whole training area camps of the modern stickman terrorist.


Stickman Counter Final Battle is interesting game with action gameplay where you play as Stickmen hero and attack on terrorist camp with the help of your allies stick hero terrorist squad who are in blue. 3D environment of the camps of extremists and the realistic raids made this game to the best stickmen counter terrorist game. You have to chase the combat stickmen terrorist and attack on them very hard, hit the camps with the rocket launchers.

Play as 3rd person shooter with your elite stickmen commando fellows and raid on the camps of militants stick terrorists. The gameplay not over yet, some combat stickmen rivals are watching your raid activity they will fight back with you to take revenge. Stick Terrorist hides in the camps or in the training area to attack on your stickmen counter terrorist unit with their tactical minds.

You have to fight for your dignity as well as for your nation. Safe your anti-terrorist stickmen squad as well as stick hero too in this terrorist final battlefield, otherwise you will lose the game. In case of injury, use the best medical kits to save your life by playing this Stickman Counter Final Battle simulator. Show your shooting and combat skills as you trained in your military training. Get more score to unlock the other expensive arsenal easily.

Stickman Counter Final Battle Features:

• Play as Stick hero and your stickmen Terrorist Squad
• Choose your favorite Weapon to fight with Stickman Terrorists
• Elite Stick hero squad fighting in thrilling environment.
• Complex combat terrorist area to raid.
• Smooth controls and incredible missions.
• 3D graphics and addictive gameplay.

Enjoy the ever-best action simulator Stickman Counter Final Battle that contains the breathtaking missions against the hostile terrorists. Choose your advance weapons like, furious Machine Gun, lightweight Short Gun and outstanding other weapons to attack on the Red stickmen terrorist’s headquarters. No mercy with the Red Stickmen terrorist otherwise they will beat you brutally as well as yours special force. Smooth controls and incredible game play made this game more addictive.

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