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Stickman Destruction 2

27 Jan 2017 Game Of The Day

Stickman Destruction 2

by Starodymov

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  • Stickman Destruction 2
  • Stickman Destruction 2
  • Stickman Destruction 2

You need to numerous injuries stikman character to collect as many points as possible to open a new transport and various cool locations.
The unique location will vary their virtuoznastyu.
You waiting for a different wheel steep transport. For example, in the game you will be able to open a hot dog, a dinosaur on a bike, even the kettle on wheels and more. Oh yeah I almost forgot about the bike, various vehicles and armored car!
Use all the laws of physics and real excited your imagination to collect as many points as possible.
Calculates the velocity of the power of your vehicle sredastva. Shoot down as many as possible on your way stikmanov, litsezreyte their damage marked in red.
In some locations there are various items to help get more points.
The game will help pass your empty time.
Easy management, clear cool graphics and interface minimalism will delight you.
The game is like for those who like to watch the real physics character stikman and destruction of various types of transport and stikmanov. Destroy and damage the fun! Maybe you will get the tents amazing tricks! Hurry to disassemble the entire transport to pieces. Shoot down all stikmenov with transport. Dismount all the traffic and all the world will belong to you!
The game is free

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