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Stickman escape lift

17 Jan 2017 Game Of The Day

Stickman escape lift

by Starodymov

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  • Stickman escape lift
  • Stickman escape lift
  • Stickman escape lift

Elevator Escape is waiting for you!

You have to play stickman. One day you are stuck in an elevator.
Your task is not to panic, and to find the right way to leave the elevator.
Your choice will depend on your life stickman.
Many items and options of the plot of events awaits you.
Choose a variety of items and to litsezrite funny animation and first-class plot of this game really world order.
The game will be 8 animations and just 2 clips will be victorious. Find all the winning videos, and then your karma will be cleansed and on the planet heavenly pleasure.
If you like a lift or elevator, then this game is for you, and you will enjoy.
Such a pleasure to you for a long time no one gave. The game will be a variety of role-playing characters.
The game is free.

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