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Stickman escape madhouse

10 Mar 2017 Game Of The Day

Stickman escape madhouse

by Starodymov

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  • Stickman escape madhouse
  • Stickman escape madhouse

You will play stikmanom. Your task is to find all the ways to escape from a psychiatric clinic. In the psychiatric hospital to get easy, but get out alive or normal very hard. So why sit on the pill and wait for his death, it is better to try to escape from this madhouse. You will be in the ward in a straitjacket, you need to remove the straitjacket and open the cabinet. The cabinet is 8 items, only three of them can help you successfully escape from the psychiatric hospital. On the way you will come across the guards and medics villains. Use your brain to the maximum, use it as successful versions of escape, and failed. Nice graphics and animation in the form of risible lift your mood, and you are aware of the taste of freedom. Stick will meet a lot of funny and absurd situations in this nuthouse. Playing in this game do not forget that this game is made for fun, so you will not have gone crazy for real. The game is free.

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