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Stickman jailbreak 10

05 Jun 2018 Game Of The Day

Stickman jailbreak 10

by Николай Сильный

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  • Stickman jailbreak 10
  • Stickman jailbreak 10
  • Stickman jailbreak 10

This time, Stickman sails on the sea behind bars on a ship, which is redirected to another prison. You will be available twelve different items, with which you must escape from the ship. Only two successful ways you can find throughout the game. On your way there will be various problems and troubles, any wrong step and you will not be able to leave the prison on the ship. Pirates, guards, sea animals and creatures will do everything possible so that you can not leave this ship, floating in the ocean. Escape from the ship will not be easy, you need to show care and ingenuity. In the hold will be a one-eyed captain of the ship, who will suggest you play with him in the game of liberation. Remember! Do not throw a gold coin in the hold and on the deck! There are legends that anyone who throws a coin on the deck will be destroyed by the skeletons of ghosts! In the game, the most important treasure is freedom, not a black mark! Various water transport, swimming on water and under water are waiting for you! Interesting animation and graphics will cheer you up. The game will appeal to both children and adults. The game is free.

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