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Stickman jailbreak 9

29 Apr 2018 Game Of The Day

Stickman jailbreak 9

by Николай Сильный

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  • Stickman jailbreak 9
  • Stickman jailbreak 9
  • Stickman jailbreak 9

The long-awaited new part of the escape from prison


Yes the creator of this next part knows that you are crazy about this series of games. Surely players around the world were waiting for a new exciting journey Stickman, because I would not have the motivation to create the next part of this beautiful game.

Yes, the creator knows what the school audience like and therefore, every month I release a new part about Stickman for you!

This time you need to find two successful escape from the flying plane! You will be transported by airplane in a cage to the most dangerous prison in the world on the island, but this should not happen! After all, you are innocent!

You are presented with a choice of 12 items, behind which there are unpredictable battles and puzzles! The police will do everything possible to prevent your plans to escape. Any thoughtless action will lead to your death or to imprisonment for years to come. In the game you will see a passenger plane, fighters and cornfield. You can also jump from the parachute and from the car! The airspace of the sky is open to you!

Funny graphics, animation and script in minimalism will lift your spirits. Go through the game and wait for the new tenth in May!

The game is free

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