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Stickman Jailbreak Escape Adventure

13 Jun 2018 Game Of The Day

Stickman Jailbreak Escape Adventure

by Starodymov

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  • Stickman Jailbreak Escape Adventure
  • Stickman Jailbreak Escape Adventure
  • Stickman Jailbreak Escape Adventure

You will play a criminal who is unjustly condemned. He was framed, he did not kill anyone. Stikman wants to be free next to his beloved wife.
You will need to try all ways to escape, and only a few of them you will be lucky. Next to you will be based on a box with various objects in the camera. Choose any subject and enjoy interesting animation script.
Be careful, you need to have a good response to a combination of run time. For example, you will need to quickly shoot and hit the policeman that you are not killed or captured guardians of the law.
The game is like for those who like stikmanov, just escape games and get-togethers in a prison cell.
Interesting non-linear plot, amusing animation and voice lift your mood for the day. If you play every day, then you will always be a happy man.
The game will see the clubs, tools grinders and hammer. In the hands will keep the teleport, different weapons as a powerful gun and grenade and a lot more.
The game is free.

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