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Stunt Rider

09 Jan 2018 Game Of The Day

Stunt Rider

by Potenza Global Solutions

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Potenza Global Solutions comes out with another chart-topping bike stunt game that gives you a thrilling experience like never before.

Assist the super Santa Clause with completing level, stunt and unlock the mysterious secrets! Be careful on the way and don't forget to collect all the coins & power-ups!! Drive your way with Santa and spread joy on this holy festive.

Unlike other games of its kind, Stunt Rider is a phenomenal game with pleasing aesthetics and picturesque backgrounds.With the thrill of speed and flips, become the flip master of all bike racing games.

Come, be a part of an unbelievable biking experience!

Fourteen high-powered bikes and cars in eight attractive themes will make this game an instant hit among the new generation stunt game lovers. Play along to unlock powerful bikes like Grit and Specter and get a heightened thrill as the levels of adrenaline and difficulty soar. Control the speed and accuracy with just one tap and witness your bike explore electrifying terrains with agility and smoothness. Only be cautious so you don’t fall on your back and damage the bike!

• Exciting new levels to keep you hooked to the track
• Win rewards daily to boost your gaming experience
• Unlock new themes and keep the adventures coming
• Meet new challenges every day and unlock new features
• Beautiful themes to give you an overall wonderful biking experience
• Challenge and compare scores with players worldwide
• Detailed scoreboard to keep track of your progress

Stunt Rider is the ultimate racing game that you will never be able to have enough of! Let the daredevil inside you ride free along rough terrains, deep trenches and steep inclined pathways to beat your own best score every time you play. 

Unlock new bikes, unveil new themes as you progress!

With Stunt Rider, riding and flipping never goes out of style! Achieve higher scores as you collect gems on the go. Be careful and control your bike and car like a pro to go longer distances on the treacherous yet exciting track. The best part is, you get bonus points for every flip that you do! Invite friends to play along and compete against each other to advance higher on the leaderboard. After all, racing is fun when you have a high speed rider friend to give you new goals!

Download today for the ultimate racing experience!

This Stunt Rider takes the rider though a hair-raising journey that the bike goes through amazing landscapes and adventurous terrains. It is a complete package of racing, stunt riding and flipping action all rolled into one amazing smartphone app. Specially designed for the gen-next riders who nurture a love for adventure, adrenaline rush and surprise at every turn, the game offers a real world experience with visually appealing graphics and compelling sound effects.

Controls are everything for that flipping action!

True flip masters will find this game a delight for the senses! Designed to deliver a satisfying virtual experience this games also improves hand-eye coordination and helps gain supreme control of mind and senses. This remarkably interactive game responds to even the lightest touch and make the flipping action tempting and fascinating! We bet you will be jumping high in your places every time you land a perfect flip! Enter a world of exceptional riding and unleash the true power of the rider in you!

Stunt Rider offers a sublime riding experience to those who find riding, stunts and flips enthralling. Inspired from real-life aesthetics, the game transports you into a bewitching riding world with only wonderful surprises to greet the riders. Gems on the go, bonus points for perfect front and back flips, daily rewards, powerful bikes and appealing themes waiting to be unlocked are only some of the many aspects of this game that will keep players worldwide hooked to this remarkable gaming app

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