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Super Light Speed Hero City Rescue Mission

02 Apr 2021 Game Of The Day

Super Light Speed Hero City Rescue Mission

by gamstr games

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  • Super Light Speed Hero City Rescue Mission
  • Super Light Speed Hero City Rescue Mission
  • Super Light Speed Hero City Rescue Mission

City has been invaded by monster evils and gangsters! The Light speed superhero has arisen from the deep black sky to help and rescue in strange war conditions. In Super Light Speed Hero City Rescue Mission and survival game your grand light hero with modern light power has to defeat these super villains who have mutant powers. Speed super hero in strange war has just started with future mortal battle. Use your speed of light running and super human powers a in this future battle and start city rescue missions. Your mutant powered enemies are mortal and your strength is unlimited. Superhero games 2019 were never been so amazing. Super strange war hero is ready for crime battle.

It’s an action simulation super hero game where you have to use your mutant hero super powers to rescue and save the town as frontline speed hero city survival. Your super light speed robot superhero will jump over the battlezone. Use lightning attack power to perform flying light hero survival duty of rescuing and saving. Fight like a rescuer super hero, be a legend of heroes and marked you speed robot hero. Start light hero street fighting as legend which will not bear the injustice, prove yourself a good soldier and become a legend for your entire city in flying light hero survival simulator.  

Best of superhero games 2019 new is about light hero future war which a completely free superhero game is having great adventure in light speed hero city battle. Just play this new hero game of 2019, enjoy unlimited fun and ultimate battle action and make yourself a super villain for mutant enemies and gangsters of the big crime city in superhero rescue games with ultimate speed superhero the lightning speedster. This is American fictional superhero character with the flying speed heroes while wall running and building climbing is most thrilling of them all like tornado hero. 

Features of Super Light Speed Hero City Rescue Mission:

• Action-filled rescue & street fighting with light hero stealth mission. 
• Awesome 3D graphics & vibrant gameplay.
• Realistic gangsters, evil forces & super-villains to fight with.
• Ultimate battle, thrill & speed fighting like ninja.
• Light speed superhero city battle situation.

Become a flying light speed hero in this flying hero battle game. Rescue and save the city from the evils, criminals & gangsters having super mutant war powers. Download “Super Light Speed Hero City Rescue Mission” the vertex of superhero stealth & revenge action games.


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