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Super Spider Boy Crime City Battle

Super Spider Boy Crime City Battle

by confun game

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  • Super Spider Boy Crime City Battle
  • Super Spider Boy Crime City Battle
  • Super Spider Boy Crime City Battle
  • Super Spider Boy Crime City Battle
  • Super Spider Boy Crime City Battle

Everyone dream about to be a superhero like Ninja hero, super hero and other super heroes to save the Grand city, being a super Spider Boy is seem different. Super Spider Boy Crime City Battle is especially designed for the Spider hero games lovers. In this Spider boy hero game you have to fight against the corrupt police officers of the grand city. Don’t caught by the city police and attack on them really hard with your amazing power like web attack as well as by your amazing fighting combos.

Enjoy the ever best Super Spider Hero Crime City action simulation containing amazing 3D graphics and beautiful city environment. Flying in the grand city like superhero, and use your flying power for moving from one place to another place in the lovely city. Fight like the legend and teach lesson to the vice city cops. Show your amazing fighting and diving skills from the towers. City police is searching for you but beware from dangerous gangster and don’t caught by the city police.


Super Spider Boy Crime City Battle contains amazing challenging and impossible missions against the city police. City police are searching for you in their police cars to catch you. City police can attack on you with amazing latest weapons, batons as well as with outstanding martial arts combos. This simulation becomes more difficult step by step. You can fly in the whole city, diving from the skyscrapers with the help of spider web. Drive most luxury cars in this simulation. Made devastating fights against the city police, use your amazing attacks like powerful web attack and thrilling fighting combos. Complete your missions with in time to get more points in this fighting simulator. No mercy with the city police hit them really hard otherwise they will beat you. You can easily unlock the other Super Spider boy hero costume to play with. Amazing controls and different camera angles made this action game crazier.


• Play as Super Spider boy and Fight with City Cops
• Choose your Favorite Spider boy to play
• Fight with Gangster in thrilling environment
• Impossible and devastating missions.
• Drive amazing latest cars.
• 3D graphics with amazing fighting combos
• Smooth controls and outstanding gameplay.

Get ready to play as a super Spider Boy and fight with the city cops in This Super Spider Boy Crime City action game. Pack yourself in the Spider boy costume and made a devastating entry in the Super Spider Boy City Crime Battle game. Show your thrilling fighting skills and tell them that you are ready to fight with dangerous city criminals by playing this flying simulator. This game is combination of super flying simulator and fighting games with extra thrill Super Spider Boy hero.

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