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Superhero Soccer Challenging Game

Superhero Soccer Challenging Game

by Lisa Jeff

  • Superhero Soccer Challenging Game
  • Superhero Soccer Challenging Game
  • Superhero Soccer Challenging Game
  • Superhero Soccer Challenging Game
  • Superhero Soccer Challenging Game

Are you ready for challenge in this soccer game as a superhero? Welcome to the Superhero Soccer Challenging Game where many superheroes take steps into the sports world for soccer shots and ready to get pleasure with a fusion of football game. Come and face the football challenge between superheroes and become the world champion. Play unstoppable and exiting soccer matches with different spectacular teams. This soccer game also contains two teams 1st one is Cipher Coders team and 2nd one is Cipher Stars team. 

Have fun with this football hero game and be among soccer stars. Each team contains the different superheroes. Team Universe contains the soccer stars like Spider hero, Green hero, Eye Laser hero and Turtle hero, where Team World contains the soccer stars like Iron hero, Panther hero, Speed hero and Hammer hero. Show off your football game back flip kick to your rivals in this simulator. This fun game is for all the super hero lovers also as you will find the saviors like Monster hero and Infinity hero as goalkeeper in this Superhero Soccer Challenging Game of 2018.


Superhero Soccer Challenging Game is an amazing thrilling and action gameplay, especially for the superhero soccer games lovers. Different Superheroes have played like Captain Hero, Dead hero, Ant hero Bat hero, Cipher hero, Ghost hero and Night Teleport hero. Apply all your super heroes’ soccer skills and techniques in order to win the champions trophy. Amazing ground are fully filled up with the audience and ready to enjoy the final soccer battle. Play football match with superheroes to impress your fans and the crowd.

Hit the football and accelerate with rocket speed to gain more goals and points. The goalkeeper will stop your goal. Kick the ball magnificently and get the victory. Rival superheroes are very hard and sharp so, you will take the passes continuously from one to another otherwise you will lose the match. Take control on your nerves, you might get a free kick. If you will unable to pass the ball across the cross bar then you will face a penalty. In the result of a penalty, a corner kick is given to your opponents. 

This mega pack consist of Superheroes with three outstanding difficulty levels for super matches. Choose your favorite difficulty levels that is Normal, Challenging and Custom mood. In Normal mood you have to play very simple because rival players confident is very low. In Challenging mood you have to play like experts because opponent team level is very hard and high. Custom mood is very interesting because you have to customized own team, player, speed, power, boost up, sizing, time management and so on. You have to love this level by playing this simulator. 3D graphics and soccer battlefield made this game to the best superheroes game of the 2k18.

Superhero Soccer Challenging Game Key Features:

• Play as Superheroes and challenging soccer matches
• Run and hit the football to make the goal
• Choose your favorite difficulty levels
• Thrilling and exciting missions are waiting for you
• Enjoy Realistic controls and boost up the team 
• Awesome visual and effective sound
• Best ultra HD graphical soccer arena environment
• 3D camera views and intuitive gameplay
• Incredible soccer football physics

Superhero Soccer Challenging Game is specially designed for all superheroes lovers and soccer games fans. Play in the most amazing and addictive soccer competition of the football game. Don’t miss out the chance to have tons of fun with this superheroes battle in soccer arena. Play smartly by passing the ball to your team member and lead towards the goal net to complete a goal. This time you have the real experience of soccer in your pocket. Become a real soccer star with your favorite super hero football players. Kick the ball to get a score in this real time superheroes soccer game and increase your overall football scores.

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