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Superheroes Car Highway Stunts Challenges

Superheroes Car Highway Stunts Challenges

by Cipher Coders

  • Superheroes Car Highway Stunts Challenges
  • Superheroes Car Highway Stunts Challenges
  • Superheroes Car Highway Stunts Challenges
  • Superheroes Car Highway Stunts Challenges

Welcome to the Superheroes Car Highway Stunts Challenges where superheroes will take part in car racing adventure. All superheroes like bat hero, turtle hero and sword hero are set for lightning car racing challenge in the highway stunts. It’s time to fulfill your dream of playing as a new superhero car racer in best game 2k18. Choose your different cartoony cars as well as Superhero and win the race by playing highway racing challenge. The superheroes enter in the cars and perform thrilling stunts on impossible tracks.

Get ready for city race and perform thrilling stunts on different dangerous tracks by playing this superhero lightning car simulator. Superheroes once again back into the city environment with interesting gameplay especially for the superhero stunts games lovers. Prepare yourself for superheroes game of 2k18 for fantasy car stunts challenge. The Superheroes Car Highway Stunts requires you to show extreme speedy car stunt skills on tricky tracks to make your real hero in this challenges game. Thrilling and outstanding missions are waiting for you to play with.


Superheroes Car Highway Stunts Challenges is an amazing thrilling and action gameplay, especially for the superhero car racing games lovers. This mega pack consist of Superheroes with three outstanding sports cars for super stunts. Amazing buildings are fully filled up with the hurdles, difficult ramps, boxes, cones, balls, containers etc. Perform all the fantasy cars stunt with superheroes to impress your fans and the crowd. Some cartoony characters have much enjoyed and cheer up when you are play. The chopper follow the cars and capture different camera angles during the race. Hit the color balls, boxes drift and accelerate with rocket speed to gain more scores and points. You have to perform difficult stunts on stunning tracks with your amazing superheroes and sports cars. Beware from falling otherwise you will lose the mission. So get into your fantasy sports car and take control of steering and don’t lose your balance while performing these deadly stunts. Moreover you must reach required score in the mission than you move towards your finishing point otherwise you will lose the game. 3D graphics and stunt arena made this game to the best superheroes car game of the 2k18. 

Key Features:

• Play as Super car driver and perform thrilling stunts
• Bat hero, Turtle hero and Sword hero to ride
• Choose your favorite lightning cars
• Thrilling and exciting missions
• Enjoy Realistic controls and physics of sports car
• Awesome visual and effective sound
• Best ultra HD graphical city environment
• 3D camera views and intuitive gameplay 

Unlike the other racing games here you can perform different stunts as well as outstanding drifting too. If you love racing superhero car then you will surely love this new superhero car highway stunt in the grand city. These 3D city environment as well as amazing zigzag stunt tracks is especially designed for the lightning sports cars. Show your amazing stunts and drifting skills on such tricky tracks by your chosen superheroes. The most dangerous tracks are awaiting for you, don’t wait just grab your daring superhero and a cartoony sports car in this fast highway stunts.

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