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Supermarket Match 3 Game

08 Jun 2024 Game Of The Day

Supermarket Match 3 Game

by Qzee Games

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  • Supermarket Match 3 Game
  • Supermarket Match 3 Game
  • Supermarket Match 3 Game
  • Supermarket Match 3 Game
  • Supermarket Match 3 Game
  • Supermarket Match 3 Game
  • Supermarket Match 3 Game
  • Supermarket Match 3 Game

Sell items as cashier in the match-3 puzzle game and become the village owner in this supermarket Match 3 game.
Do you like the triple match game with farm simulator and village management games ?
Supermarket Match 3 is a  Cashier management game & Town management game.
This shopping game has plenty of stores like a Cash Register, Grocery store, Cake game, Cooking stall, Breakfast game, Fish market, Food Zone & cafe, Popcorn, Vegetable Shop, Fruit Shop, Toys Shop, Candy and many more store games! 

Sell, Earn & Upgrade your super market store and generate your own town with that earnings.

Build a city, house, buildings, garden, factories and farm by earning money from playing hybrid match three games in the supermarket.
Become a manager of the market and sell products of all the departments like the local village market. where you have to merge 3 items of order and deliver a set of 3 items in a given time to earn more.

Serve all the customers and have the best shopping experience in the super market town.

Enjoy Level wise Game. You can earn cash by selling products and use that cash to create your village & farm.

Serve 3 items of order in a given time and Serve customers on time to earn more money. customers will escape your supermarket if they do not get an item on time. 

Earn cash and coins to upgrade your store capacity and build towns. 
We have a lucky spin wheel to get exciting rewards in this village game. Lots of attractive stores, houses ,city, garden, pool, farm and village are available as an upgrade option.Be on top rank of supermarket in Leaderboard.

✦ Departments in Supermarket match 3 game

Grocery : identify the 3 items from the table that are in order of customers and find the items of grocery to deliver that order on time by shorting it quickly.

Cake : serve a set of 3 items of cake as per the customer's order.

Food Stall : matching 3 food item and serve it like a cooking expert

Fish market : match 2 fish from the order and deliver it quickly

Popcorn : cook and serve different flavours of popcorn by merge caramel and cheese.

vegetables : sell vegetables from village like a tile match 

Fruits  : identify the fruits, hand them over to the customers

Toys : find the toys from the table and deliver in set of 3

Candy game : it has so beautiful candies where customer demands set of 3 candies
Cash Counter : create a bill and collect cash from customers this cash will help to develop the city.
village area : save the cash till we give the next update because in the next update we will have this village active. If you have some in-game cash balance you can start building your town.

✦ Key Features
shopping games with hybrid puzzle experience with a Triple match gameplay experience with simulation game where you can build your own city

Sell goods by matching items and develop mansion town

Become a city-manager to upgrade and decorate Level-wise dream village

Discover all the secret levels from upgrade

3D store view & 3d farm view game

Upgrade time management skills by serving customers on time

Enjoy lots of mini games and earn more money by playing match game fast

Hurry up and get top rank in supermarket match 3 game leaderboard

Daily Exciting Rewards and lucky spin in supermarket game 3

Language Support : English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese & Spanish.

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