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Surfing Snowman

Surfing Snowman

by AssemblyNest

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Surfing Snowman is endless surfer type game. There are plenty of obstacles on the way and ramps for those amazing jumps. Destroy mines and collect as many coins as you can, but watch out for that giant octopus! Be ready and vigilant as Surfing Snowman goes faster and faster. Get the highest score an put your name on the leaderboard. 
Gather coins to buy new boards in the surfboard shop.
There are no ads in this game, so if you like it, please consider supporting my work by purchasing add-ons.

Game features:
- you get 3 lives to start with
- get one live every five minutes
- avoid or destroy obstacles
- collect as much coins as possible to get new shiny surfboards
- score by shooting mines, going through the gates or performing those stunning jumps
- put your name on the leaderboard
- reset leaderboard for coins
- get notified when all lives restored

- purchase "Lives Forever"
- purchase extra coins

On screen controls:
- joystick on the left
- fire button on the right

Happy surfing!

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