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Survival Real Street Fight

Survival Real Street Fight

by Zed GameXtudios

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  • Survival Real Street Fight
  • Survival Real Street Fight
  • Survival Real Street Fight
  • Survival Real Street Fight

TO BE A MAN YOU GOT TO BEAT THE MAN! Be punching in and kicking out Machine.


What is Survival Real Street Fight 3D game is all about? (Human Killing Machine)


The Game is about the unleashed animal. Human Killing Machine. a person whose style of fistfighting was learned in the streets and deals with others in an aggressive, cunning manner.


It’s all about real fight with punches in and kicks out the enemy coming towards you. The game will start with easy mode in which you have to fight one against one as the level of the game increases the difficulties and the number of the enemy increases.

Come on, challenge the street fighters. Punch in all enemies, kick out all other fighters. Rush into the streets and become the master of fighting streets.

Features include:

# Special KungFu arts : To knock enemies down with protean attack. Enjoy fighting and have fun!
# fighting control system: It's very easy to control on your mobile device.
# fully animated characters!
# Smooth and intense motion! You can use punching, kicking, art, slide, dodge ... fighting on the street.
# Free of charge

fighting in Chinese term called #Kungfu, referring to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete, often used in the West to refer to Chinese martial arts.
In its original meaning, kung fu can refer to any skill achieved through hard work and practice, not necessarily martial arts.


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