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Sweet Little Dwarfs 4 - Christmas, Santa & Make Up

25 Dec 2017 Game Of The Day

Sweet Little Dwarfs 4 - Christmas, Santa & Make Up

by Oksana Riabinina

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  • Sweet Little Dwarfs 4 - Christmas, Santa & Make Up
  • Sweet Little Dwarfs 4 - Christmas, Santa & Make Up
  • Sweet Little Dwarfs 4 - Christmas, Santa & Make Up
  • Sweet Little Dwarfs 4 - Christmas, Santa & Make Up
  • Sweet Little Dwarfs 4 - Christmas, Santa & Make Up

Make your Christmas Holidays even more special with Sweet Little Dwarfs! Beautiful gameplay that brings you into the winter life of Dwarves. Help them prepare for the holidays!

Dress up Milla for Christmas by choosing from more than 50 pieces of clothing and accessories! Do her beautiful makeup! Marty also needs a makeover... to look as Santa! In the dwarves’ kitchen you can make hot chocolate with marshmallows and gingerbread cookies, then decorate them how you like. Help Marty repair Santa’s sleigh, crafting and replacing its wooden skies, and then decorate it with amazing Christmas features! Next to Santa’s Sleigh is little Rudolph. Take care of him, do his hair and polish his horns, and then dress him up for his Christmas trip with Santa!
Wintertime – is time of fairy tales and wonders! Sweet Little Dwarfs awaits you!

In the Christmas holidays, Milla wants to look amazing. Help her clean her face, then apply the foundation, blush, eyeliner and do her eyelashes. You can also take care of her nails! polish them and choose fabulous patterns for them!
Milla needs to choose her Christmas look from over 50 different clothes and accessories. Make her a new outfit every day!
Marty wants to look like Santa! Wash and paint his hair and beard, and then dress him up for the best winter holiday ever!
Christmas holidays are coming and Santa’s sleigh must be ready! Help Santa solve his problems with his sleigh. Replace a broken ski track and then decorate the sleigh with fun designs and features!
Make hot chocolate with milk and marshmallows! Warm Milla, Marty and Rudolph’s bellies with this delicious treat!
Milla loooooves to cook sweets for Marty, but she needs help making gingerbread cookies. Prepare the dough, roll it on the table, squeeze molds and put them in the oven to bake! Once the delicious cookies are ready, decorate them however you want! 
In the winter Kingdom of the Dwarves, there is a small reindeer named Rudolph. He needs care from the little dwarves! Help him tidy his hair and polish his horns. After that, you can choose a festive Christmas costume for him to wear!
Get toys for the Christmas tree for each completed level!
Visit the cinema to watch videos and get coins!

Play with Sweet Little Dwarfs: http://bit.ly/2c7dkja
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