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Swiggle – Puzzle Game

06 May 2018 Game Of The Day

Swiggle – Puzzle Game

by Solution Analysts

  • Swiggle – Puzzle Game
  • Swiggle – Puzzle Game
  • Swiggle – Puzzle Game
  • Swiggle – Puzzle Game
  • Swiggle – Puzzle Game
  • Swiggle is an easy to mid-level difficulty strategy game where the player has to link swiggling lines and wiggling tiles
  • Players score points for connecting swiggly lines on the tile game pieces
  • The game can be played against friends or random opponents who use the app
  • It can be player with opponents or in single player mode against the Swiggle Bot
  • There are in-app purchases for 2x multiplier, Pile Peek and Turn Off Ads options  


  • Players score points on connecting the swiggle lines
  • Placing tiles on bonus squares multiplies points
  • Score can be doubled with 2x multiplier
  • Use pass and play mode so two players can play on a single device
  • In-game chat option to chat with opponent
  • Custom Swiggle notification sounds for push notifications
  • Players can peek ahead to see which game pieces will be served next
  • Scores can be shared on Facebook
  • Game can be played with friends from Facebook or contact list or random opponents from the app
  • Sign-in with email or Facebook credentials
  • One tap feature to nudge the opponent to play faster
  • There is in-game chat option with opponent. The game will automatically connect you with opponents on your level and it is suitable for players of all age groups. 

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