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Switch Spider Solitaire

Switch Spider Solitaire

by AlgoGames

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  • Switch Spider Solitaire
  • Switch Spider Solitaire
  • Switch Spider Solitaire
  • Switch Spider Solitaire

A different take on Spider Solitaire which combines Spider Solitaire and Klondike. This Solitaire game breaks rules of the Solitaire game play while making it interesting as well as challenging.

Switch Spider Solitaire is played with only one set of standard 52-cards set. It has only 5 tableau piles and game play is much like Spider Solitaire except a twist in the way tableau piles are built. Tableau piles can be built up as well as down by rank. Unlike Spider Solitaire where the cards are assembled in the tableau before being moved to the foundation, Switch Spider allows for moving cards to the foundation as soon as it can be played. Foundations are built-up by suit starting from Ace.

The game can be played using one, two, three, or all four suits. Most games are solvable, though the complexity increases as the number of suits go up in the game.

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