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Tag Team Ladder Wrestling 2k18

Tag Team Ladder Wrestling 2k18

by Cipher Coders

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  • Tag Team Ladder Wrestling 2k18
  • Tag Team Ladder Wrestling 2k18
  • Tag Team Ladder Wrestling 2k18
  • Tag Team Ladder Wrestling 2k18

Get ready for Tag Team Ladder Wrestling 2k18 action game, where you become best wrestler in the wrestling revolution. Could you ever imagine the life of a world wrestler, your dream comes true by playing this best ladder wrestling game. Your role is to play as wrestler team to defeat your opponent by your devastating fighting combos. Amazing heavy weight wrestlers from all over the world are ready to knock out you in this Ladder Wrestling simulation. Multi combo pack is provided to you like Taekwondo, mix Martial Art skills and many more.

Show that you are the best wrestler fighter in the wrestling world by your strange wrestling skills and powers. Fight until your last breath teach lesson to your enemies and become ruthless fighter of this Tag Team Ladder Wrestling 2k18 game. 3D TLC wrestling arena and Thrilling challenging missions are waiting for you to play with in this Wrestling Revolution action simulator. You need not to fight in real; this game will give you the realistic feeling of a wrestling.


Enjoy the ever best Table Chair Wrestling Revolution 2k18 simulation, unlike the other wrestling and fighting championship games here you have to play as a tag team wrestling to show your devastating chair wrestling skills. Grab your opponent and win the championship belt which is on the top of the cage in this chair wrestling game. Amazing challenging missions are ready like battle in the ring and fight with the help of chairs in this fighting game. Throw your rival wrestler from ladder and made a serious damage to opponent wrestler, Tag team ladder wrestling where you can ask for help to your friend to fight and many more devastating missions available in this Ladder Chair Wrestling Revolution 2k18 game. No mercy with your rival fighter hit them with the chair, ladder, table or anything that you find while fighting. Knock out your opponent with in time to get more score. Fight with your rival wrestler by your powerful fighting techniques like, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, or by other Martial Art skill. Amazing combos are provided to you in this Tag Team ladder Wrestling 2k18 action simulator. Different camera angles and 3D graphics made this game addictive and crazier. 

Tag Team Ladder Wrestling 2k18 Features:

• Different weapons to defeat opponent.
• Ladder jumping on the opponent
• Choose your favorite wrestler team to play with.
• Thrilling knock out missions.
• 3D graphics and different camera angles.
• Addictive gameplay with smooth controls.

Tag Team Ladder Wrestling 2k18 is specially designed for all ladder wrestling lovers and tag team fighting fans. Beat your rival wrestler without any mercy and become a brutal wrestler. Show that you are the No.1 wrestler team of the world by your amazing wrestling skills. This fighting simulator is full of action and entertaining game for all wrestling games fans in gaming world.

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