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Tank Insurgent 3D

11 Feb 2017 Game Of The Day

Tank Insurgent 3D

by neutrinio

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  • Tank Insurgent 3D
  • Tank Insurgent 3D
  • Tank Insurgent 3D
  • Tank Insurgent 3D

Looking for the hottest battles ? Tank Insurgent 3D game is here !

In single-player game,the crew of a tank battalion or lost, and remained alone in enemy territory. To return home crew must face several enemy territory, to earn money with which to buy more efficient tanks able to deal with enemies, to fuel tank with diesel, and hunt enemies with the tank full speed. Tank Insurgent Multiplayer game is fun and amazing, challenge your friends to fight !

Game Features :

Single-player game Tank Insurgent 3D :

— High­quality 3D graphics and real­time battles;
— Impressive sound effects;
— Radar to find enemies in single-player;
— Different enemies with destructive power destroying 20,30,40 points;
— Different enemies with defensive shield that resists 2,3,4 bullets;
— Realistic tank movement;

Multiplayer Game Tank Insurgent 3D :

— High 3D quality graphic;
— Creates room for up to 8 players;
— Select team Blue,Red,Rebel, rebel can shoot anyone;
— Scoreboard during the game;
— Chat in game;

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