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Tap Tip Top

Tap Tip Top

by Yuri Shilin

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  • Tap Tip Top
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  • Tap Tip Top
  • Tap Tip Top

Cool puzzle game. Try to survive as long as you can.

Tap on the same objects to destroy them. At the end of the game cycle the field is filled
new game objects. If they are larger than the field can accommodate, this is a loss.
To complete the level you need to survive for the predefined time.

For points you can buy sets of game cards:
- dinosaurs
- cars
- princesses
- Halloween
- New Year
- Easter
- emoji
- balloons

As you progress through the levels become more difficult. There are more than 1000 levels in the game.

To understand how to play, see the video explanation

• Easy to use
• Simple and intuitive interface
• Colorful and vivid graphics
• Fun and addictive
• Fit for all ages
• Exciting music and sound effects
• The game is designed for phones and tablets
• 100% free. 

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