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Terapets Wars

20 Sep 2020 Game Of The Day

Terapets Wars

by Claude Gherasim

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Welcome to Terapet Wars, the innovative trading card game that is revolutionizing strategy and role games. Live an authentic adventure! Become an authentic puppeteer and control infinite creatures to win epic battles. You will have to assemble your team of creatures and fight against infinite enemies using all kinds of spells, powers and creatures.


  • Commanders: Choose wisely between the 42 types of Commanders available. The configuration of your creature deck and your victory will depend on it.
  • Cards: Build your deck choosing from over 1000 possibilities depending on your Commander type.
  • Powers: Each type of Commander has its own unique power, use it wisely to smash your opponents.
  • Spells: The spells are a crucial part of this trading card game, if you choose correctly you might have an advantage over your enemies.
  • Adventure mode: Take your Commander towards an incredible adventure in Adventure Mode.
  • Arcade Mode: If you are up for challenges, Arcade Mode is your kind of game. Will you be able to defeat all the Commanders without loosing a single time?

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