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Tetra Eagle Robot Transform Car

Tetra Eagle Robot Transform Car

by Lisa Jeff

  • Tetra Eagle Robot Transform Car
  • Tetra Eagle Robot Transform Car
  • Tetra Eagle Robot Transform Car
  • Tetra Eagle Robot Transform Car
  • Tetra Eagle Robot Transform Car
  • Tetra Eagle Robot Transform Car

Welcome to the Tetra Eagle Robot Transform Car where futuristic robot convert into flying robotic eagle, superfast car and helicopter will stop rivals in the robot transforming game. Get ready for the action and thrilling challenges missions in this Eagle Robotic Car simulator where you save the city from dangerous villains and dangerous robotic mafia also. Choose your favorite tetra robot and wandering in the city with the help of super powers. Tetra robot transform game is especially designed for the virtual robot games, virtual robotic eagle game, robot car games and robotic helicopter games lovers.

Lovely Grand City occupied by these lethal dangerous robot mafia and robotic gorilla in this action simulator. Beautiful city is under control, got attacked by the vigilant robots like robotic gorilla monster, deadly robot warrior, city gangsters and drone helicopter creating chaos as well as destruction around. US police gets alert for city rescue forces in this multi robot transforming game. Only a real flying Tetra Eagle Robot can fight with deadly robots in city battle. In city survival rescue mission you have to utilize your flying robotic eagle warfare experience to free city from deadly robots in real tetra robot transforming game.


Tetra Eagle Robot Transform Car is action game with interesting gameplay where you play as Tetra Robot hero and change into robotic eagle, car as well as helicopter to beat your rival enemies with the help of robotic super powers in the grand city. You can attack on the opponent robots with fire, kick and with amazing martial art combos. Moreover, you can convert into robotic superfast car and chase the enemy robot cars in the vice city.

Tetra Eagle Robot Transform Car is multi transform game that contains the impossible and final battle with the badly futuristic robots. Enjoy the most challenging robotic helicopter game where the evil robot machines are demolishing the beautiful city. You can stop these evil robots by firing missiles and bombs. You can change into robotic helicopter as well as the battle robotic eagle. Each player having their own attacks and beat your rival with the help of these robotic powers.

The game play is not over yet, you have to search the city laboratory, where deadly robots are made by the evil scientist. Beware from the deadliest enemy robots they can hit you very hard with their strange flying skills. Beat your rivals to get more score in this Tetra Eagle Robot Transform Car so that you can easily unlock the other amazing robotic players. Action game is ready to blast the game in robotic gaming world with the help of realistic tetra transforming skills and city battle environment.

Key Features:

- Choose your favorite Tetra Robot player
- Transform into Robotic Eagle, Car and Helicopter
- Fight with Deadly Robots and Robotic Gorilla
- Tremendous Sounds and amazing animations to play
- 3D Graphics and City Battle Environment
- Addictive Gameplay and Smooth Controls
- Flying Eagle and Helicopter with incredible shooting power for air combat

Enjoy the most amazing Tetra Eagle Robot Transform Car simulation that is especially designed for the multi robot fighting game fans. Introduce brand new Tetra Robotic battle game that includes futuristic multi transform robot, city villains and evil robot monsters. The intense shooting robot techniques and flying battle by playing action simulator. Show your tetra transforming robotic fighting skills to destroy evil forces in the grand city.

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