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Thorn Route

Thorn Route

by Interactive Notion

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Thorn Route is all about overcoming the thorns and reaching as far as you can. Some pointy spikes might be difficult to avoid, but the function of pressure tap allows you to do it easily! Moreover you get to collect diamonds as you accelerate. But with one bump into a thorn and you need to start again, so you need to watch out.

Also as you accelerate and score above 300 you will unlock a bonus stage where you can get as many diamonds as you can for a limited time.

Additionally, along your way you will be getting power ups to double, triple and quadruplet your score. Don't miss this opportunity to beat your friends.

It is an interesting and captivating game which keeps you tied. Along with, it keeps track of your progress through best scores and timings.

So you think its easy? Compare your scores with your friends and compete.

Just tap Left and Right and jump to avoid the thorns.

More levels and updates are also on its way so stay Tuned.

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