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Tikrun Pop Run

Tikrun Pop Run

by Mobiman

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  • Tikrun Pop Run

Pop Bubbles in your free time!

Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Prepare yourself to go on a satisfying bubble popping spree with this cool ball rolling game. Enjoy the true satisfaction of blasting bubbles by hitting them from any direction in a range of challenging levels. Take the opportunity to hit and blast the bubbles as they try and run away from you.

From highly appealing game graphics and stunning sound effects to cool and satisfying game play, this game is all about relieving stress and enjoying your free time. Try it now!

Easy Tilt Controls

No need to swipe or tap anything as you can use your device’s motion controls to steer in any direction. Move by the boundaries to destroy all bubbles and steer clear of the obstacles. Act as fast as you can to clear the levels!


Avoid Obstacles

The game integrates a range of different still and moving obstacles. Some obstacles will slow down your speed whereas, the other obstacles will pop your bubble and you will lose the game.


How to play Tikrun Pop Run:

1. Download and launch the popping game

2. Tap to start the exciting levels

3. Use phone motion controls to control ball direction

4. Tilt the screen to chase and pop balls in any direction

5. Hit and pop all the balls without hitting any obstacles and before the time runs out!


Features of Tikrun Pop Run:

Simple and easy popping game UI/UX

Hassle-free game layout and appealing design

Minimal background to eliminate clutter and boost focus

Smooth and easy screen tilting motion controls to pop bubbles

Challenging levels featuring multiple obstacles in every level

Deadly obstacles which can slow you down or pop your bubble

Blast as many balls as you can in one go and have fun


Challenging levels featuring geometric or random designs

Highly appealing game graphics and stunning motion effects

Magic ball effects to make the game more interactive

Play and pop bubbles for as long as you want without any interruption

Are you ready to play one of the most addictive bubble popping games of all time? Sit down and relax as you play this game in your free time. Download and play Tikrun Pop Run today!

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