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Toddler Kids Puzzles Educational Learning Games

12 Feb 2017 Game Of The Day

Toddler Kids Puzzles Educational Learning Games

by Potenza Global Solutions

  • Toddler Kids Puzzles Educational Learning Games
  • Toddler Kids Puzzles Educational Learning Games
  • Toddler Kids Puzzles Educational Learning Games
  • Toddler Kids Puzzles Educational Learning Games
  • Toddler Kids Puzzles Educational Learning Games

Be it a simple math addition or subtraction, English letters or spelling learning, or spatial objects recognition, the preschool and kindergarten kids less often show the willingness to learn them. But, for playing puzzles Game, they are always ready.

Then, how about making your kids or toddlers learn with puzzle Game? It’s impressive! Isn’t it?

Look no further the Toddler and Kids Puzzles Educational Learning Game is packed with colorful graphics, excellent animation, voice narration and best sound effects that make your kids go crazy. 

The  Game is designed keeping the preschool and kindergarten curriculum and core standards in concern so that your kids can learn all the fundamentals which they are needed to alongside gameplay. 

There are total 15 games wherein three games are free and remaining 12 games can be unlocked with in-app purchase. Parents can select the puzzles and customize the game that they want their kids to play with Settings section. 

How can the game be played?

The kids can start playing the puzzles that are chosen by their parents occurring in a random fashion. To play the next puzzle, the kids have to finish the current puzzle gameplay.

Here are the things that your kids can learn via  Game without saying no even once:

- Able to identify the shapes and distinguish among different colors
- Learn the letters with pictures and voice narration
- Learn counting and numbers with the aid of voice narration
- Addition learning by adding the fruits together
- Subtraction learning with fruits popping
- Add fun with colorful jigsaw puzzles game and fill in the animal’s name that inhabits the picture
- Learn spellings and how to spell the words with voice narration
- Learn three positions namely- left, right and center
- Empower memory and attentiveness with cards flipping and matching
- Understand the difference between noun and verbs

Smart Kido'z 3 Puzzling Game is the perfect match for your kids as it aids them in learning in the semblance of their favorite work that they love to do all the time, which is  Gameplaying. Besides playing, let your kids play learn math skills, improve vocabulary, build spatial recognition and strengthen the memory.

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