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Toddler Life Adventure

Toddler Life Adventure

by GameiMake

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As we know the life of a child is tension free and full of fun, but still they do have to complete different tasks, and be responsible for a lot of daily routine activities. Here in this Toddler Life Adventure game, kids will learn tons of various educational activities in a fun way and also help his parents in the different day to day cleaning activities. Also have fun by playing lots of interesting games like memory games, hidden object game, puzzle game, boat racing game, dress up game, cooking games and much more. 

Enjoy doing activities like gardening and growing some beautiful flowers, fish catching race, preparing a cupcake and much more in this game for kids. Toddler Life Adventure is the best game that helps children in their comprehensive development and disclosure of their internal potential. 

Learning Activities in this Educational game:

> First of all Cleanup the room, the toilet and your fish aquarium
> Wipe up dust, collect garbage in the dustbin
> Select your toys, fix and decorate the aquarium in this cleaning game
> Get outside & plant some beautiful flowers
> Grow some plants in this gardening game
> Wash your clothes and iron them
> Play the fishing game and catch the maximum fish in a limited time
> Cook some delicious food 
> Put all the objects in the box
> Repair the music box
> Join the pipe using your observation skill
> Go for an adventurous boat racing
> Perfect House cleaning fun adventure game

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