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by Uv Can

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Tonk or tunk is a matching card game, which combines features of knock rummy and conquian.[2] Tonk is a relatively fast-paced game that can be played by 2 and 3 players. Tonk is most popular in the USA, North American Country. 

◆◆◆◆ Tonk Features ◆◆◆◆

✔ It's Available for phones and tablets
✔ Tons of Achievements! and Daily Quests 
✔ Spin and Win Chips
✔ Play your way to top the Google Leaderboards!
✔ 2 & 3 Player Mode Options

◆◆◆◆ Variations ◆◆◆◆
◆ Classic Mode(Knocking)
-In Classic Knock Mode, only a player knock with any low count. Once user spread cards user restrict to knock game till next 3 rounds, Once user able to knock and as low count "KNOCK" option declare the result.

◆ No Knock Mode (Only Tonk)
-In No Knock Mode, there is no knocking. All players must be an attempt to TONK. and the player who TONK first is the winner.

-Tonk is an offline game and worlds popular game.
-Tonk Offline Card Game is Download for Free!

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