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Toy Car Table Smasher

Toy Car Table Smasher

by Thomas Brad

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Candy , Car , Race
  • Toy Car Table Smasher
  • Toy Car Table Smasher
  • Toy Car Table Smasher
  • Toy Car Table Smasher

Toy Car Table Smasher simulates the sensational combat, racing, smashing, ramp stunt, gameplay of mini toy cars over the kitchen food table.

This endless fun Top Table Racing is for all age group toy car games lovers. Drive your mind blowing mini toy cars like, Monster truck, Police van, Firefighter van, Jeep, Ambulance, Plow truck, Crane, Mini car with latest controls of your taste. 


★ Latest Driving Controls

Enjoy the latest mini toy car controls that you can change with one tab. 

• Tilt Mode.
• Touch Control Mode.

Drive the toy car in two interesting ways.

• Auto Driving Mode.
• Custom Driving Mode.

★ Fascinated Racing and Smashing

• Race with rival on kitchen table.
• Crushing and drop the rival car from the kitchen food table. 
• Smashing combat with rivals toy car who drops cookies from the dining table.
• Beware from hurdles while racing also drop target things from the food table. 

★ Unique Kitchen Missions

• Find and Drop the highlighted target from the table like, banana plates etc. 
• Serve the Girl by drop the food in her plate for lunch.
• Extinguish fire from the dining table. 
• Drop cockroaches that are near the lunch plates. 

★ Bonus levels

After the every third level you will find the bonus level. Collect the coins of different scales like, 25, 50, 100 points. If you achieve the target, you will be rewarded with the double battery to drive the mini toy car in next level of the Toy Car Table Smasher game. 

★ Level up your Toy Car

The more coins you pick will help you to get more score in Toy Car Table Smasher game and you will be able to unlock the latest toy cars of your demand while playing Table Top Racing game. 

★ Survival Tips for Toy Car Table Smasher

To enjoy endless mini car driving, pick up the battery objects for retaining the Toy Car Table Smasher game. Ready instruction carefully also follow the arrow direction. Beware from the ketchup splitters that will slip your mini car. Don’t let your toy car to fall from the table otherwise you will lose the table top games.

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