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Train Brain Lite

19 Jul 2016 Game Of The Day

Train Brain Lite

by iGeniusDev

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  • Train Brain Lite
  • Train Brain Lite

Constant brain training is essential for both kids mind development and for keeping brain active for adults. This app is suitable for any age and profession. You can train your brain each day and observe your progress.

If you want to test your math power, then this is the best app for you. Train Brain Lite is an interesting app that challenges your Math power. In this game, you have to find bigger or smaller from given two equations. It not only contains numeric equations, but also contains equations with alphabets like D – A.

You can try yourself on three difficulty levels. In easy level you will get simple equations with just plus or minus signs. In medium level you will get a bit harder equations with plus, minus and multiplication. While in hard level, you will get long equations to solve.

In addition, this app contains an awesome GUI with cool animation effects.

Download this app now and have a great brain workout . Get ready to boost your brain performance…….

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