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by Fluid Pixel Ltd

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2D , Unity , Brain
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  • Treple

Treple™ is an original number puzzle game where you have to join sequences of numbers on a beautifully designed board. You're given your next instruction at the bottom of the screen. Tap on a number on the board to perform this move and try to create a number sequence, vertically or horizontally across the screen.


As you play Treple's music is generated from the numbers on your game board. This means the music is always unique and personal to you.


Treple is free to play. You have no time limits to make your moves and there is no life system to frustrate your game play.


Each successful move gains you points and adds to your Multiplier. Protect your Multiplier at all cost, if you fail to make a run, an X is added to the board and your Multiplier is all but lost.


Sometimes your only saviour is the Pop, which removes a number from the board, keeping your multiplier in tact. You only have a limited number of Pop's at your disposal, so use them wisely. Additional Pops can be earned whilst as you play.


How long can you last until the board fills with X's?

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