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Tricky Fidget Spinner

Tricky Fidget Spinner

by Risto Prins

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  • Tricky Fidget Spinner
  • Tricky Fidget Spinner
  • Tricky Fidget Spinner
  • Tricky Fidget Spinner
  • Tricky Fidget Spinner
  • Tricky Fidget Spinner
  • Tricky Fidget Spinner

You thought simple spinning was relaxing?
Try breaking stuff while it's spinning !
Join millions of spinner lovers for FREE and start your Tricky Fidget Spinner adventure now!
Blow off steam by playing this cool fidget spinner simulator arcade game. It's free game to play and easy to play. Just fly around and pick mushrooms to spin the fidget spinner. Fidget spinner is also known as hand spinner and fidget cube game.

You’ve seen them on the streets, on your commute and in your office; fidget spinners. Now these stress relieving toys come to your hand on Android. With this simulator game, you no longer need a real fidget spinner!

A fidget spinner is a toy that sits like a propeller on a person’s finger, with blades that spin around a bearing. Basically a fidget spinner consists of a two or three pronged design with a bearing in its center circular pad. Flick them for fun or for dumping your excess energy now! This fidget spinner simulation game is the best relaxing game.

Fidget hand spinner features:

- Realistic simulator with authentic spinning physics
- Lots of fidget spinners to choose from
- 60+ graphics show even more details of the spinners
- Play with your friends and compete with them and compare your best scores.
- Swipe down, swipe up, swipe left, swipe right, slide or scroll to move the fidget spinner.
- Crazy explosions and deadly spikes included.
- Scroll the fidget spinner as far as you can to hit the best score.

Spin the fidget spinner now to let off steam!
Fidget hand spinner removes your stress. Spin fidget spinner now!
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