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Troll Face Quest Flee Complex

22 May 2020 Game Of The Day

Troll Face Quest Flee Complex

by AmaGame

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  • Troll Face Quest Flee Complex
  • Troll Face Quest Flee Complex
  • Troll Face Quest Flee Complex

Best troll face brain teaser puzzles. Full of slapstick jokes and black humor


Based on the most hilarious internet memes. 20 crazy levels for you to challenge. Full of hilarious pranks and unlucky trolls. Begin the crazy adventure with troll faces and have fun. We are sure you will laugh to the twist.


You should not be too serious to solve the complex puzzles. Just relax and try to think in another way. You will find it's a so easy adventure and nothing is weird. In each level there is about 3 to 5 traps, be careful, or you will been trolled.


Features of Trollface Quest:

- 20 brain-twisting game levels.

- In to the mysterious world full of troll face memes.

- Try not be fooled and became a forever alone fail man. 

- Be a troller and try not been trolled by the strange levels.

- A free trolling game.

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