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Unblock Wood Bar

Unblock Wood Bar

by Fergus Keith

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Unblock Wood Bar 2017 is a king pop logic brain training games for kids & adults


Unblock Wood Bar is an easy puzzle game that you can play with a simple action!

The goal is to unblock the brown block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way, unblock it with the minimal moves. Unblock Wood Bar comes with 4 difficulties ranging : Beginner, Advanced, Master and Expert. There are 256 puzzles in total, download it for free and get ready to unblock the block! If you enjoy puzzle strategy games and color block games you will not be disappointed by this powerful game we have developed.

With an optimized user friendly interface you will simply be invited to move the blocks along by swiping them to create gaps and unblock the color block. Each level will provide an increased difficulty and you will become hooked to the best free brick game on the store!

Unblock Wood Bar 2017 can help you train your brain and keep you mentally fit everyday. It have been one of the top free games for 4 years and have created the category of Unblock puzzle games where other follow. This puzzle game is for kids and adult of all ages.

* 100% free game to play
* 4 difficulties ranging from Beginner to Expert
* 256 of Unblock puzzles in total for you to enjoy, it will be a long saga to complete all the addictive puzzles.
* Extremely smooth touch control on this free block game
* Relaxing music
* Great designs and graphics on this free block game
* Available for all Android devices

• Horizontal blocks can be moved only side-wards
• Vertical blocks can be moved up and down
• Move the blocks to create gaps and unblock the Brown Blocks

Enjoy the stunning designs of our unblock puzzle game, it's really a brainteaser & challenging block puzzle game which helps you to boost your brain!
"UNBLOCK WOOD BAR" Get ready to swipe, move, unblock on this incredible free block game!!!

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