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Unholy Jumpers

Unholy Jumpers

by nixonsworld

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2D , Skill , Jump
  • Unholy Jumpers
  • Unholy Jumpers

Rise from the grave and play one of the three unholy characters zombie, warewolf or skull. Jump on candy pillows, collect candies and reach to infinity. Collect boosts on your way. The rocket makes you rise quickly in height, the shield makes you immortal and the magnet attracts all the nearby candies. Combine these boosts for the ultimate rush. It's possible to buy boosts with candy by touching the upgrades button.


Winter theme - Ability to throw snowballs.
Halloween theme - Ability to teleport every 10 sec.
Cool boosts (Rocket, Shield, Magnet, Helicopter).
Possible to buy boosts with candy/presents.
Obstacles to avoid.
Shiftig platforms.
Global leaderboard and fun achievments

*** Updated: Christmas theme available***

How to play:

Tilt your device left or right to control the character.
The character moves between device edges.
Tap on the screen to use the unique theme abilitys.
Buy upgrades by taping on the upgrades button.

** Warning: Can be addictive! **

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