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Unscrew Monsters! Pin Puzzle

09 Jun 2024 Game Of The Day

Unscrew Monsters! Pin Puzzle

by creative spartans

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  • Unscrew Monsters! Pin Puzzle
  • Unscrew Monsters! Pin Puzzle
  • Unscrew Monsters! Pin Puzzle

Unlock the mystery of screwed up mix monster chambers & Become the ultimate wrench screw master in this hyper-casual spooky mobile game! Dive into the world of nuts and bolts puzzles, where you'll embark on a thrilling adventure screwing & unscrewing & taking off nuts & bolts from the monster chambers to reveal a surprising mix monster captivated by the monster hunter.


Each level presents tangled wrench twisted nuts & bolts unique pin puzzle challenge that will put your tinker tools skills to the test. Twist, turn, untangle and tinker the hinged pins and needles with precision to unlock the chambers make the locked pin metal plate fall down and unveil a variety of scary & spooky creatures from the captivation of monster hunters.

This game combines brain-teasing nuts & bolts wrench puzzles with monster-filled surprises, offering hours of fun and excitement.

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