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US Military Commando Sniper Shooter Game FPS

US Military Commando Sniper Shooter Game FPS

by Abdullah Zahid

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  • US Military Commando Sniper Shooter Game FPS
  • US Military Commando Sniper Shooter Game FPS
  • US Military Commando Sniper Shooter Game FPS

Army Commando Attack (FPS) is the most lethal attack against any ground forces in this elite commando shooter game. In our survival missions military commando shooter or elite commando is on special mission to protect us from these terrorist squads. These military commandos are here to protect us from terrorists and also make free our country from these bad evils. If we want to see our country free of terror then this elite commando can only help us to do it. These military shooters are real heroes in our life. 

For those who love military Commando adventure sniper shooter military mission, we have developed a shooter game “US Army Commando Attack: Military commando shooter.” Military Commando Attack is a First Person shooting and an elite commando shooter action game. Get ready to face the enemy inside a city with no one around to help except you. You have to face the group of terrorists, and you are alone in this mission. Kill terrorists on each level; the only survival missions is to kill all the enemies. 

Latest Commando Shooter Game 2017 in survival missions. Act as a secret agent military commando in this thrilling survival mission game. This army action game is too much fun for action game lovers. This is why we have made this advance commando shooter action game to enhance your military commando shooting skills. Eliminate the enemies in the city with secret agent skills and save the people from the enemies. Be a real military commando, and show your sniper shooter skills against your enemies. Play this modern military operation in this army sniper shooter game.

City Commando or Army Commando shooter attack has 5 different levels to complete. These missions include: Arena23, Aftermath, The Hunt, Karcho and Destroy City. All missions have the different amount of enemies and these terrorists are well trained and well equipped. Be careful about the suicide bombers, as they can attack you at any time in survival missions. City Commando Shooter is a first-person controller shooter game with great quality graphics and controls with best object physics you make it your best battle from any other commando shooter action game.

It is a 3D shooter game and an elite commando shooter game. So be ready to show your skills on the battlefield and take the city back from these terrorist squads. Your only mission is to clean the city and bring back peace in the region. In city commando shooter action game, you got city map where you can track terrorist using your minimap and shot them before they hurt you. You got different weapons to select from and to use. At the start, you got 2 weapons to take on these terrorists squad, but you can pick weapons from the ground as well which was used by the enemy by killing your enemy. You can jump, run and kill these terrorists as elite commando use to do. The 3D shooting graphics are amazing and you will enjoy playing it on this city map.

In Commando Adventure Sniper Shooter Military Mission you will be the First person elite commando in this real commando shooter adventure game. This commando shooter action game is one of thrilling shooter game in all army games and military mission or military commando adventure games. There will be different areas in which you will sneak through to complete your military commando action mission in each stage. There are a lot of deadly missions in which you need to run, jump, fire, kill enemy elite commandos and you will get a lot of enemy waves which will increase your difficulties in survival missions.

★★★ Features of US Army Commando Attack: Military commando Sniper: ★★★
• 5 different levels to become an elite commando.
• Amazing latest selection of weapons.
• Excellent 3D City environment.
• Smooth and easy to handle controls.
• Free commando shooter action game.
• Great sound effects.
• Astonishing graphics.

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